Monday, February 21, 2011

Mr + Mrs. Smith

Hello -

I had the most amazing opportunity to shoot my good friends Jordan and Dallas' wedding back in December. It was freakishly beautiful and I am so thankful they let me shoot them! Jordan's dress was unreal how pretty it was, and Dallas looked like THE man. Their reception site is one of the most beautiful and elegant garden settings I have seen. Here's a few of my favorite photos from their big day!

No big deal it was only like 75 degrees the first week of December down in AZ

I am in love with this one.

And this one.

Congratulations Jordan and Dallas. You make one beautiful married couple!

Is this thing on..?


This is my first blog post. And my first blog. In general, I am here to post my photography adventures, then maybe throw in bits and pieces of my life. So if you're reading this, I hope you enjoy!